Classic Vanilla
Vanilla sponge filled with velvety vanilla buttercream and either classic raspberry or strawbery preserve.
Zesty Lemon
Lemon sponge filled with a zesty lemon buttercream and lemon curd.
Classic Chocolate
Layers of light chocolate sponge filled with silky chocolate buttercream.
Chocolate Orange
C​hocolate orange sponge filled with silky chocolate orange buttercream and orange curd.
Chocolate and Hazelnut
Chocolate and hazelnut sponge filled with chocolate hazelnut buttercream and a sprinkling of chopped hazelnuts.
White Chocolate and Raspberry
Vanilla sponge with raspberries filled with white chocolate ganache buttercream and raspberry preserve.
Chocolate Amaretto
Chocolate sponge filled with Amaretto buttercream.
Black Forest 
Chocolate sponge filled with Kirsch and cherry flavoured buttercream with a black cherry preserve.
Cookies and Cream
Chocolate sponge filled with an Oreo Buttercream and chunks of Oreo cookies.
Chocolate Caramel
Chocolate sponge filled with caramel flavoured buttercream and caramel sauce.
Red Velvet
Red velvet sponge filled with either vanilla or cream cheese flavour buttercream and raspberry preserve.
Rich coffee sponge filled with creamy coffee buttercream.
Coffee and Walnut
Coffee and walnut sponge filled with creamy coffee buttercream and a sprinkling of chopped walnuts.
Cherry, Almond and Amaretto
A moist almond sponge filled with Amaretto flavoured buttercream and Morello cherry conserve.
Peach Bellini
Vanilla sponge filled with Prosecco flavoured buttercream and Italian peach preserve.
Pina Colada
Coconut sponge filled with pineapple and Malibu flavour buttercream and pineapple preserve.
Pink strawberry sponge filled with strawberry buttercream and strawberry preserve.
Strawberry and Champagne
Pink strawberry sponge filled with Champagne flavoured buttercream and strawberry preserve.
Raspberry and Rose
Pink raspberry sponge filled with a delicate rose buttercream and raspberry preserve.
Rose and Pistachio
Rose and Pistachio flavour sponge with a velvety vanilla buttercream and rose petal jam filling.
Lemon, Elderflower and Blueberry
Lemon sponge filled with elderflower flavour buttercream and blueberry preserve. 
Banana flavour sponge filled with banana flavoured buttercream and toffee sauce.
Peach Melba
Vanilla sponge filled with peach flavour buttercream and raspberry and peach preserve.
Coconut and Lime
Coconut sponge filled with coconut flavour buttercream and lime curd. 
Coconut and Raspberry
Coconut sponge filled with coconut flavour buttercream and raspberry preserve.
Pistachio and Coconut 
A light coconut and pistachio sponge cake filled with coconut buttercream.
Maple and Pecan
Maple flavoured sponge cake with chopped pecan nuts filled with maple flavoured buttercream.
Toffee Apple
Toffee sponge layers filled with apple flavour buttercream and chunky toffee apple sauce.
Sticky Honey
Fluffy light honey sponge cake filled with sticky honey buttercream .
Lavender and Honey
Lavender and honey cake filled with honey flavoured buttercream. 
Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam
Peanut butter sponge filled with crunchy peanut butter buttercream and strawberry preserve. 
Carrot Cake
Spicy and moist carrot cake with walnuts and juicy raisins filled with either an  orange buttercream or cream cheese flavour buttercream and a sprinkling of chopped walnuts.
Gin and Tonic 
Gin and tonic flavour sponge cake with a gin and tonic  flavour buttercream with either lemon or lime curd. 
Rich Fruit Cake
A traditional, very rich, very moist, fruit cake which is filled with fruit, nuts and cherries.  Once baked its fed with brandy and covered in marzipan and fondant iced.
Elderflower and Gooseberry
Vanilla sponge filled with elderflower flavour buttercream and gooseberry preserve. 
Layers of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate sponge filled with vanilla flavour buttercream.
Seasonal Flavours
Please have a look under Seasonal Flavours which are only available for a limited time each year.